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Our Why

We believe it is not only the right of Americans to keep and bear arms, but it is also our responsibility to be proficient with them. At Liberty Craft, we have dedicated ourselves to the daily pursuit of tactical training and the discipline of gun craft. We teach a lifestyle of responsible gun ownership and practice, making every citizen capable of their own protection.

About Liberty Craft

Liberty Craft was created in 2021 when it became apparent to us that firearms training commonly available to the general public was only focused on safety and liability. As important as these principles are, many instructors avoid teaching any firearms skill development beyond these two principles.

At Liberty Craft, our focus is not only to teach firearms safety, but to train students to survive a lethal force encounter. Whether preparing for combat deployment overseas, preparing to defend your home from an intruder, to practicing on the range; the firearms skills we teach are universal.

We believe proficiency is being able to operate your firearm under the most stressful of conditions; i.e. when you need it most. Therefore, we at Liberty Craft incorporate neuroscience methodologies to organize and format our curriculum; conditioning the mind of our students to act instinctively under stressful conditions.

We believe achieving proficiency with a firearm is no different than developing any other athletic skill. Like football, basketball, tennis, or golf, all athletic skills require time, discipline and effort to develop properly. Having the right coach can also mean the difference between fast-tracking you to success, or developing negative habits that hold you back. In the case of a lethal force encounter, having the essential firearms handling skills can mean the difference between life and death.

Liberty Craft is proud to offer a full suite of firearms and tactical training. We also offer weekly small group practice sessions so that you may continue to refine your firearms handling skills, while rehearsing under real world conditions. If you believe it is your duty to defend yourself and your loved ones with a firearm, you also have a duty to seek out the best training possible. When you’re ready to see firsthand what makes Liberty Craft different from the others, we hope you give us a call.

About the Instructors

Andrew: CEO

Andrew, a combat veteran, served 9 years both in the Air Force and Army in many different roles during the Global War on Terror. Having traveled the world during his time in the military, Andrew brings his many unique experiences to the team. He is the main instructor for Liberty Craft’s Precision Rifle courses, as well as future hunting and reloading courses. He believes that firearms ownership and training are an American Heritage not found in other countries and wishes to pass his experience and expertise onto the next generation of shooters.

Zach: Head Instructor

Zach spent 5 years in the United States Army and served in the Army’s premier raid force, the 75th Ranger Regiment. An alum of San Diego Christian College, he graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Human Communication. Combining his military experience with his background in communication, Zach ensures that all of Liberty Craft’s classes and curriculum are organized, taught, and delivered in the most efficient way possible for students to learn. An insatiable reader and perpetual student of his craft, Zach takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge with others.

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