Defensive Shotgun

Many civilian households rely on a shotgun to defend their home. However, few know how to properly set up their shotgun for use during low light, lethal force encounters inside the home. In this course, we will discuss how to convert an off the shelf shotgun into a “home defense” shotgun. We will also cover such topics as how to choose the best ammunition for home defense, how to reload under stress, how to zero and pattern a shotgun, and lastly how to maneuver in confined spaces with a defensive shotgun.

Shooting & Reloading Fundamentals – $149

  • Safe Weapons Handling
  • Mechanical Function
  • Safe Storage
  • Anatomy of a Shot Shell
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Setting up a Defense Shotgun
  • Basic Reloading Techniques
  • Zeroing & Patterning
  • Live Range Training

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