Florida Concealed Carry

Florida Concealed Carry

Liberty Craft is proud to offer Concealed Weapons Licensing in the State of Florida. We begin each class with a thorough overview of Florida state statutes. You will learn how to responsibly carry your handgun, where you may legally carry it, and when you may (or may not) be justified in using it. We’ll take you to the firing range where you will learn how to load/unload a handgun, safe handling skills, and introduce you to basic shooting fundamentals. It is our mission to ensure our students carry their handguns in public safely, legally, and responsibly. Coming later this year, we will be introducing Advanced Concealed Carry class, specifically focusing on IWB draw technique and concealed carry tactics.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You cannot join a “Level 2” or higher class without having done the prior level class (ie. Cannot join “Level 3” without having done “Level 2”). Exceptions may be made based on your current assessed skill level. Please reach out to us for more information.

Level 1 – Concealed Weapons Licensing – $99

  • Overview of Federal Gun Laws
  • Florida State Laws
  • Licensing Requirements
  • How You May Carry
  • Where You May Carry
  • Possession & Transportation
  • Justifiable Uses of Force
  • Handgun Safety
  • Intro to Fundamentals
  • Live Range Training


Level 2 – Advanced Concealed Carry Skills (Coming Soon)

  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • IWB Draw Technique
  • Counter-Ambush Tactics
  • Proprioceptive Aiming Technique
  • Off-Angle Attack Vector Drills
  • Target Transitions
  • Shoot/ No Shoot Drills
  • Live Range Training

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