Practical Handgun

Handguns are a popular defensive choice for many civilians and professionals due to their practicality and concealability.  But contrary to popular belief, handguns are one of the most difficult self-defense tools to master and require months or even years of practice.  This course is designed to equip students with essential skills required to survive a lethal force encounter, and to filter out unnecessary, heady information that the average shooter doesn’t need to know.  We have taken careful consideration to distil essential handgun knowledge and skills into smaller, easier to digest classes so our students can progress quicker and achieve a higher level of practical performance sooner.  Whether you are a new shooter, or an experienced handgun shooter; our small class sizes and carefully crafted training curriculum is designed to move at YOUR pace and comfort level and not at the pace of other students in the class.  Our goal as instructors is to challenge each student to be better than they were yesterday, not to be as good as the other students.  Our Practical Handgun series and creative live range training is sure to challenge and entertain shooters of all levels.  After completing our Practical Handgun series, students will be better prepared to defend themselves and their families regardless of the situation they may find themselves in.


*Prerequisite: Class levels 1-2 must be taken in order.  Handgun Safety is optional.


Handgun Safety:  ~2 hrs

Handgun Levels 1-2:  ~4 hrs


Handgun Safety – $49

  • Basic Safety Considerations
  • Safe Handling of a Handgun
  • Mechanical Function of a Handgun
  • How to Choose the Right Handgun
  • How to Choose the Right Self Defense Ammo
  • Preview of Shooting Fundamentals
  •  *Classroom Only


Level 1 – Shooting Fundamentals – $149

  • Safety Overview
  • Proper Grip
  • Sight Picture
  • Proprioceptive Aiming Techniques
  • Isosceles Stance
  • Finger Placement & Trigger Control
  • Follow Through & Recoil Management
  • Live Range Training


Level 2 – Emergency Reloads & Malfunctions – $200

  • Level 1 Recap
  • OWB Holster Draw
  • Reloading Techniques
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Target Transitions
  • Speed Training
  • Live Range Training

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