Land Navigation

For the overnight backpacker, back country hunter, horseback rider, or overland adventurer; if you intend to explore the beauty of North America, it is important you understand how to navigate in the wilderness.  Our instructors will teach you land navigation techniques used by the US and NATO forces.  Starting with how to read a map, we’ll teach you how to plan your route, identify terrain features, use a compass, and avoid becoming lost.  In level 2, we will incorporate advanced skills, and challenge you to navigate to points in the field using only your map and compass.   Our land navigation course is designed to be fun, hands-on learning, welcoming of all ages and skill levels!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Level 1 must be completed before attending level 2.

Level 1 – Map Reading & Route Planning – $99

  • UTM & MGRS Grid Systems
  • Reading Coordinates
  • Map Legends & Marginal Info
  • Topography & Map Terrain Features
  • Grid Magnetic Angle
  • Plotting 8-Digit Coordinates on a Map
  • *Classroom Only


Level 2 – Field Orienteering – (Coming Soon)

  • Review of Level 1
  • Intersection & Resection Techniques
  • Using a Lensatic Compass
  • Finding Individual Pace Count
  • Attack Points & Backstops
  • Route Planning & Check Points
  • Classroom & Field Exercise


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