Precision Rifle

The Precision Rifle series is designed to take the average marksman and equip him with the foundational knowledge and skills to begin in long range precision shooting. Whether your sport is hunting, competition, or professional, the fundamental principles we teach are essential as well as universal. Before one can be accurate, one must be precise, and that means understanding your equipment as well as you understand yourself.


*Prerequisite:  Class levels 1-3 must be taken in order.  “Intro to Rifles, Scopes, & Bullets” and “Intro to Ballistics” are both optional and can be taken at any time.

Introduction to Rifles, Scopes, & Bullets – $49

  • Choosing the Right Rifle
  • Rifle Accuracy Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Bullet
  • Bullet Science
  • Choosing the Right Scope
  • Essential Equipment & Accessories
  • Classroom Only


Introduction to Ballistics – $49

  • History of Ballistics
  • Internal Ballistics
  • Transitional Ballistics
  • External Ballistics
  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Practical Use of Ballistic Science
  • Classroom Only


Level 1 – Precision Marksmanship – $149

  • Range Safety
  • The 4 Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Natural Point of Aim
  • Analysis of the Prone Supported Position
  • How to Verify Your Scope is Mounted Correctly
  • Establish Zero Range
  • Precision Shooting Tips & Tricks
  • Classroom & Live Range Training


Level 2 – Ballistic Solvers: Hornady 4DOF – $249

  • Recap of Level 1
  • Intro to the Hornady 4DOF App
  • Create a Rifle Profile
  • Find Zero Angle
  • Navigating the 4DOF HUD
  • Group Analysis Feature
  • Create a Ballistic Data Card
  • Set Axial Form Factor
  • Gathering Ballistic Data
  • Truing Ballistic Data Tables
  • Classroom & Live Range Training


Level 3 – Determining Unknown Distances – (Coming Soon)

  • Recap of Level 2
  • Ranging Formulas
  • Using Mil Dot Master Tool
  • Correcting for Slope
  • Creating a Range Data Card
  • Determining Distance to Target
  • Classroom & Live Range Training

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