Team Room

Why does firearms training have to be boring and repetitive?

Are you tired of the same static range experience?

Are you tired of having fudds yell at you for shooting too fast?

Are you tired of being flagged at public ranges because the people next to you are too busy taking selfies?


If you feel like we do, you’ve come to the right place.  Liberty Craft has created a membership for people serious about sharpening their skills and who wish to train with other like-minded people. The Team Room is for a different kind of person. This program is designed to take advantage of neurological principles, incentivizing ongoing growth and development through continued bi-weekly practice. The Team Room incorporates game elements into range practice such as point systems, timed events, scenario challenges, teamwork, range props, tactical skills, etc. Our goal is to convert the tedious nature of training into a more creative, effective, and fun training experience! (No fudds allowed)


Team Room Requirements:

  • *Prerequisite: Practical Handgun 1-2 & Combat Carbine 1-3 must be completed before signing up to participate in the Team Room.
  • *High level of fitness
  • Cost: $200/ mo

How is the Team Room Different?

1. Athletic Competition:

Healthy competition can push you farther than you can push yourself on your own. Many drills will require movement, kneeling, crouching, carrying of objects, wearing of kit, stress inducing exercises, etc. This is what seperates the tactical training from the recreational shooting. Do you want to challenge yourself or stay comfortable?


2. Leader Boards:

Think you have what it takes to unseat the top shot or beat the fastest draw? Prove it, and take their spot on our Leader Board. Team Room drills will be scored for points, time, etc. Additionally, this allows individual metrics stats to quantify your performance growth over time.


3. Reactive & Moving Targets:

Reactive targets and moving targets will challenge members’ mental acuity and neuroplasticity. Members must respond quickly and safely while targets spin, move left to right, and suddenly appear and disappear.


4. Tools & Range Props:
Many drills utilize playing cards, dice, puzzles, etc in order to reinforce cognitive shooting skills, memorization, and discernment in entertaining new drills.


5. Scenario Role Playing:

Students will have to work together while being thrust into theatrical situations to save hostages, solve time sensitive problems, create solutions on the fly, overcome fear and stress, navigate using a maps and clues, communication games, etc.

Upcoming events


*Prerequisite: Team Room availability is generally limited. If in stock, feel free to join. If it’s not in stock, please visit our contact us page to reach out and apply!

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